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Unsalted Butter

Unsalted Butter

by Anchor

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The perfect companion in the kitchen, Anchor Unsalted Butter provides the creamy, rich flavor that only comes from butter made with cream from grass-fed cows. The main difference between unsalted butter and salted butter is that salted butter has salt added to it, other than that unsalted butter and salted butter are the same, especially when it comes to nutrition. The reason to prefer unsalted butter over salted butter is that unsalted butter lets the taste of butter come through more and also is preferable to use for baking since unsalted butter won't add salt flavor to what you are baking. Unsalted butter has a shorter self-life than salted butter, but a more pronounced, sweeter butter flavor. When it comes to baking, check out our unsalted butter, available in bulk or wholesale.


Unsalted Butter Bulk Packaging: 20 lb Box

Allergen Information: Contains milk products

UPC Code: 852358001204

Country of Origin:

New Zealand

Item Number: D-2501

Anchor has long been a highly-regarded brand in New Zealand and is also extremely popular in the UK, parts of Asia and the Middle East. For many years it has stood for innovation in dairy product development, as exemplified by products like Anchor Cooking Cream. Anchor is dedicated to developing and producing innovative, premium dairy products that meet professional market needs. Anchor's origins go back to 1886, and 122 years later it has grown into a leading global dairy brand with high penetration into the Asian market -- for example Sri Lanka, where Anchor has achieved 100 per cent consumer awareness.

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