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No. 1 Semolina Flour
No. 1 Semolina Flour
No. 1 Semolina Flour
No. 1 Semolina Flour

No. 1 Semolina Flour

by Ardent Mills

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Semolina produces a bright yellow color that will give both long-goods and short-goods pastas excellent eye appeal.. Our thorough refining process results in a “cleaner” end product, free of noticeable specs and featuring a stellar cooking quality that helps ensure satisfaction in a variety of pasta products.

Packaging: Bag

Shelf Life: Product should be used within six months.

Allergen Information: Contains Wheat

UPC Code: 049100564647


Brand: may vary

Applications: It is ideal for all pasta products, particularly extruded long and short pasta goods.

Country of Origin:


Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-0590-50LB

Ardent Mills is a new company, born from two industry pioneers: ConAgra Mills and Horizon Milling. A company that offers the industry's broadest range of flours, mixes, blends and specialty products, customized to meet your needs and backed by unrivaled technical support, exceptional customer service and the supply assurance of a coast-to-coast network of 40 community mills. Ardent Mills provides its customers the broadest range of flours, blends and specialty products, all backed by the supply assurance of its extensive North American sourcing and milling network. The company's products are complemented by strategic solutions aimed at helping customers innovate and grow, gain value from strong end-to-end supply chains, provide supply assurance and help improve commodity risk management. The formation of Ardent Mills provides more opportunities for these farmers and co-ops to add value to the wheat they raise and handle. The company's asset base provides additional sourcing opportunities. Its product innovation capabilities and other strengths enable these growers to further connect to the consumer marketplace.

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