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Small Lobster Tails Pastry

Small Lobster Tails Pastry

by Ariola

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The Ariola Lobster Tail is a light crunchy pastry that bakes out empty and is filled to your desire. They are unique because they can be filled with cannoli cream, custard cream, whip cream and even fruit. They come frozrn and ready to bake. Available sizes: Mini Mini, Small, Large

Packaging: Box

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Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-2618

Ariola has been in business since 1923 and is a family owned and operated business for three generations, indicatory that consistency and quality remains the focal point of their establishment. Don Crencenzo established their first bakery in 1923 on Rockaway Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, before moving to Queens to meet the needs of the expanding business and to further develop long standing relationships with customers and a growing line of distributors. In November of 2008, Ariola further expanded to Farmingdale, Long Island, building an expansive factory, which today produces over six thousand Cannolis in just an hour, making them the largest vendor of Cannolis and Sfogliatelle pastry on the East Coast.

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