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White Chocolate Compound Coating

White Chocolate Compound Coating

by Blommer

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A confectioner's white coating made from a blend of sugar, RSPO vegetable oil, nonfat milk powder, lecithin, artificial color and flavor. The blend is refined, conched and standardized for flavor, color and viscosity. Compound white chocolate is different from regular white chocolate in that for compound chocolate the cocoa butter is replaced with vegetable fats, allowing the chocolate to have a hard outer shell. White chocolate compound coating is used for decorating and dipping. Cover your strawberry or wedding cake with our  white chocolate compound chocolate. Enjoy bulk white chocolate compound coating at wholesale pricing; available in 50 lb Bars.


White Chocolate Compound Coating Bulk Packaging: 50 lb Bar


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Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-1491-50LB

Blommer Chocolate Company is the largest cocoa processor and ingredient chocolate supplier in North America. With four strategically located manufacturing facilities in North America, the company provides comprehensive business solutions for domestic and international customers of all sizes in the confectionery, baking and dairy industries. Among Blommer's core competencies are cocoa bean processing, chocolate manufacturing, commodity risk management, and product and process R&D. The company is a leader in advancing sustainable cocoa farming, playing an active role in the World Cocoa Foundation and promoting sustainable farming practices through its privately managed programs in Cote d'voire, Indonesia and Ecuador. Founded in 1939, the family owned and operated company maintains an outstanding reputation for customer service and quality.

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