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Cocoatown Commercial Bean To Bar Chocolate Grindeur ECGC-65A (PRE-OWNED)

Cocoatown Commercial Bean To Bar Chocolate Grindeur ECGC-65A (PRE-OWNED)

by Cocoatown

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Grind up to 65 LBS of cocoa nibs and produce up to 100 lbs of finished product per batch

The double granite roller stones rotate on a granite base to reduce the cocoa nibs to fine chocolate liquor with a particle size of less than 15 microns.  It can also be used to grind nuts into nut butters=-  almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pistachios, cashews., etc.  The unit can be used to grind sesame seeds into tahini, chick peas into hummus, rice into rice milk, and so much more. 

The granite roller stones and wiper are attached to the stainless steel shaft as a single unit to make use and cleaning more efficient. 

The ECGC-65A Grindeur requires a dedicated power line. 

  1. All Stainless steel construction for long life, easy to clean, easy to maintain and user friendly
  2. Widely used by award winning Chocolate Makers around the world for more than a decade
  3. Heavy duty low maintenance gear box specially designed for grinder application and that lasts for at least 10 years
  4. Easy to change the motor to fit locally available parts minimum downtime in a long run
  5. Extremely simple design easy to maintain with locally available technical help
  6. Carefully Designed with feedback from customers
  7. Standardized design for easy parts availability
  8. UL listed components
  9. Designed for easy field upgrades for future improvements
  10. Availability of wide range of accessories
  11. Control panel can be configured for customer specific power input
  12. US bought motor with U/L listed components.
  13. Tension gauge: Measures the pressure on the stones to help ensure consistent batches.
  14. Stainless steel wipers
  15. Stainless steel lid
  16. Simple Design for easy maintenance
  17. Low maintenance with Industry Standard parts
  18. Modular design with separate control panel for installing site specific requirements meeting NSF expectations


WIDTH: 36"
HEIGHT:  64"

Volts:  220

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