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Concentrated Lemon Icing Fruit 20 lbs

Concentrated Lemon Icing Fruit 20 lbs

by Efco

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Efco concentrated lemon icing fruit is made with high quality lemons. Concentrated lemon icing fruit is used to make lemon meringue pies and other desserts. This starch based filling makes heavenly pies and can also be used as a filling in many other dessert applications. Enjoy lemon mousse, lemon custard, and lemon pies with bulk concentrated lemon icing fruit by Efco, available at wholesale pricing.

Concentrated Lemon Icing Fruit Bulk Packaging: 20 lb Pail

Packaging: Pail

Shelf Life: 12 months in sealed containers for pails.

Preparation Instructions: Add approximately 1/2 oz. per lb. to icing, batter or dough

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Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-0879

Millions of people every day, around the world, enjoy sweet and savory products that include one of our fine products. EFCO is a global leader in ingredients for wholesale bakeries, chain restaurant operators, retail bakeries, food processors, frozen food manufacturers, and supermarket bakeries. We offer an ever growing portfolio of off-the-shelf products and custom formulated products that include bakery fillings, bakery mixes and concentrates, beverage bases + syrups, fruit and specialty toppings and other specialty ingredients. When you have been in the baking industry business as long as EFCO, you learn a few things about good flavor, especially when it comes to creating our signature fruit and creme fillings. You learn to select fruits that have fully ripened in the orchard and berries that are bursting on the bush in order to capture every ounce of natural flavor. We've also learned that some outstanding flavors come from exotic fruits such as guava, mango and pomegranate. We continue to extend our search so we can bring these exquisite taste sensations to our quality range of bakery fillings. You will realize this attention to quality in our creme fillings too as we blend the finest ingredients to create a wide range of flavors. Just one bite of a product that uses any of our delicious fruit or creme bakery fillings and you'll taste our commitment to the ultimate in flavor. It tastes just that good.

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