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DIAMANTE Guava Filling (SMOOTH) 40LB

DIAMANTE Guava Filling (SMOOTH) 40LB

by Diamante


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Guava filling by Diamante. This unique filling, produced with guava puree and a balanced starch and vegetable gum base, is clean-cutting and silky in texture.
With a bright crimson tint and light pink highlights, the flavor of bulk guava filling is subtle, agreeable, and fruity. It's perfect for filling cakes, pastries, and danishes. A fruity guava pastry filling makes a distinctive appetizer for parties. At wholesale prices, you may get our luscious guava pastry filling in bulk. 40-pound pails of our delicious guava pastry filling are available in bulk. 

Guava Filling Bulk Packaging: Pail

Unit Weight: 40 LB

Country of Origin: Mexico


Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-0985

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