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6X6 Eco Friendly Heavy Container - 250

6X6 Eco Friendly Heavy Container - 250


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The HM225-250 6x6 food storage container is your ultimate, multi-purpose solution for food storage needs—whether you're tucking it into your lunchbox, saving those delicious dinner leftovers, or prepping meals for a busy week. Designed for both home and on-the-go use, this versatile container is geared to make your life easier and more organized.

Superior Material Quality

The container is fabricated from high-grade, BPA-free plastic that not only preserves the freshness and taste of your food but also prioritizes your health by eliminating harmful chemicals. Each container is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring it meets our exacting quality standards.

User-Friendly Design

An ergonomic, easy-to-grip lid ensures that even children or elderly family members can handle the container with ease. The airtight seal serves as a robust line of defense against moisture and air, keeping your food fresh for longer periods. Plus, the 6x6 size is perfect for optimizing storage space in your fridge or lunch bag.

Convenience Meets Functionality

Don't let meal prep be a hassle! The HM225-250 is microwave-safe, allowing you to heat up your meals directly in the container without any worry about warping or harmful chemicals leaching into your food.

Sustainability is Key

Eco-Conscious Design

The HM225-250 doesn't just pay lip service to sustainability—it actively embodies it. Our eco-friendly design philosophy aims to reduce our carbon footprint without sacrificing quality or functionality.

Fully Compostable in Commercial Facilities

What makes this container even more remarkable is its full compostability in commercial composting facilities. You can dispose of it responsibly, knowing it will break down and return to the earth without causing long-term environmental harm.

Constructed from Sugarcane Bagasse

We utilize Sugarcane Bagasse—a byproduct of sugarcane processing—as the primary material for these containers. It's a renewable resource that would otherwise go to waste, thus enhancing our commitment to sustainable practices.

A Responsible Choice for the Environment

Choosing the HM225-250 is a responsible action that aligns with preserving our environment for future generations. Sourced from renewable resources, each container you use contributes to a more sustainable and ecologically balanced world.

So, when you choose the HM225-250 6x6 container, you're not just opting for a convenient and reliable food storage solution—you're also making a conscientious choice for your health and the planet. Enjoy bulk 6X6 Eco Friendly Heavy Container at wholesale pricing.

comes in bulk 250 pieces.


Item Number: D-9490M



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