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Heavy Duty Poly Apron 28x46

Heavy Duty Poly Apron 28x46

by Bakers Authority

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Introducing Heavy Duty Poly Apron, measuring a generous 28x46 inches, tailored to offer unparalleled protection for those demanding tasks. Made from high-quality, robust polyethylene, these aprons are not only waterproof but also resistant to chemicals, oils, and other potential hazards. Whether you're in an industrial setting, a laboratory, or simply taking on rigorous home tasks, poly apron ensures that what you wear underneath remains pristine and uncontaminated. The apron's design ensures a comfortable fit, with ties that can be adjusted to suit a variety of body sizes.


What sets Heavy Duty Poly Apron apart is its durability. Unlike thinner, disposable aprons, this product is intended for repeated use, promising longevity even in the face of frequent exposure to potentially damaging substances. The 28x46 inch dimensions provide ample coverage, ensuring that a large portion of the wearer’s front side is shielded from spills and splashes. Sold in bulk, these aprons are ideal for businesses or institutions requiring a consistent stock for their employees or members. Choose the best in class protection; choose Heavy Duty Poly Apron. Enjoy bulk Heavy Duty Poly Aprons at wholesale pricing.


Pack: 250

Dimensions: 28x46

Material: Plastic

Item Number: 8352

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