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Mandarin gelato

After the great success on the market of the lime flavour, this new kit with three ingredients allows fantastic mandarin gelatos to be created.
Like the lime flavour, the special characteristic of this product is that it keeps the acidity of the fruit separate from the natural essential oils present in the paste, and this makes it possible to make a gelato with all the flavour of freshly-pressed mandarins.

With the ripple, rich in whole mandarin segments, we can obtain an extraordinarily tasty gelato with great visual appeal.

2.5 litres water + 1 x 1.1 kg packet Mandarin Base + 1 x 200 g jar Mandarin Paste
Ripple as desired with Mandarin Ripple

Other uses:
Frozen mandarin sorbet
Preparation in granita slush machine: 2.5 litres water + 1 packet Mandarin Base + 50 g Panmec F + 1 jar Mandarin Paste

Mandarin granita slush
Preparation in granita slush machine: 2 litres water + 1 jar Mandarin Paste + 300 g sugar + 20 g Citrosin

COMPOSITION: Code 08198 Mandarin Base 8 x 1.1 kg packets + Code 14419 Mandarin Paste 8 x 200 g jars + Code 53421 Mandarin Ripple 1 x 1.3 kg tub + instruction leaflet

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