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MEC3 Cremfix Dark Chocolate - 13172

MEC3 Cremfix Dark Chocolate - 13172

by Mec3

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MEC3 Cremfix Dark Chocolate is a specially formulated product that enhances the texture and consistency of your chocolate-based creations. It is a slightly gelling powder thickener, which when added to your recipes, will result in a luscious and indulgent chocolate cream.


MEC3 Cremfix Dark Chocolate is designed for flexibility and versatility in the kitchen. It can be used to create a wide range of chocolate dishes, from rich chocolate mousse to a thick and indulgent filling for pastries. The result is a stable cream that holds its shape well, which makes it perfect for precision plating or filling pastry products.


To use MEC3 Cremfix Dark Chocolate, simply mix the powder into your chocolate cream preparation as instructed by the product guidelines. As it begins to gel, it will thicken your mixture into a cream-like consistency that is easy to work with. You can then take this cream and mould it to your desired shape or use it to fill your pastries, depending on the requirements of your recipe.


The added benefit of MEC3 Cremfix Dark Chocolate is that it allows for a longer shelf life of your dessert, retaining the rich, indulgent taste of dark chocolate while preventing the cream from losing its texture or consistency.


Whether you're a professional pastry chef or an enthusiastic home cook, MEC3 Cremfix Dark Chocolate will elevate your chocolate-based desserts to a whole new level. Your guests will be left impressed by the professional finish and the exquisite taste of your creations, making this product an essential addition to your kitchen. Enjoy bulk MEC3 Cremfix Dark Chocolate at wholesale pricing.

Directions for use:
For cakes: 500 g product + 400 g milk + 1L cream.
For dessert by the glass: 300-350 g of product + 250 g of milk + 1L of cream

To be kept in the refrigerator +2/+4°C

Packaging: Bag

Country of Origin: 

Item Number: D-A246/MEC3-13172

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