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Fine Oat Bran Flour
Fine Oat Bran Flour
Fine Oat Bran Flour

Fine Oat Bran Flour

by David Rosen

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Fine oat flour is oat flour made with the entire oat kernel (or possibly the kernel minus the bran). Oat bran flour is made from ONLY the bran, meaning that you are getting all of the fiber and most of the vitamins, with very few empty calories. Oat bran flour can be used in recipes to make yeast bread, replacing part of the flour. Oat bran is gluten free and so must be mixed with flour from other grains in order for the bread to rise. Oat bran flour can also be used as a substitute part of the flour to make pancakes and waffles. Oat bran flour is also good for making oat bran muffins. Our fine oat bran flour is available in bulk or home use.

Fine Oat Bran Flour Bulk Packaging: 50 lb Bag

Fine Oat Bran Flour Bulk Pallet: 50 - 50 lb Bags

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