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5LB Vital Wheat Gluten

5LB Vital Wheat Gluten

by Bakers Authority

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Vital wheat gluten is obtained by physical extraction from wheat. It is insoluble in water. This protein appears as a fine, slightly yellowish powder and has a typical wheat taste. Although it's not technically flour, vital wheat gluten is a flour-like powder that contains nearly all gluten and little starch. Vital wheat gluten is made by hydrating wheat flour, which activates the gluten protein, and is then processed to remove everything but the gluten. Vital wheat gluten is then dried out and ground back into a powder again. Check out our vital wheat gluten, available in bulk or wholesale.


Our vital wheat gluten is basically pure gluten and is useful to help improve the elasticity of bread and to make bread chewier. Vital wheat gluten is vital to use when making any type of bread but is especially useful when baking low protein bread, such as whole wheat or rye bread. Our vital wheat gluten is available in bulk or wholesale, for your baking needs, and is perfect to help bread rise and be firm and chewy, so check out our bulk vital wheat gluten today.

Vital Wheat Gluten Bulk Packaging: Bag

Vital Wheat Gluten Bulk Bag Size: 5 lb

Vital Wheat Gluten Bulk Shelf Life: 24 months after production date

Vital Wheat Gluten Bulk Country of Origin: Germany


Item Number: D-0545

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