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9" Round Crystal Scalloped Tray - 120 Qty

9" Round Crystal Scalloped Tray - 120 Qty


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Elegance Meets Functionality:

Introducing 9" Round Crystal Scalloped Tray, a perfect blend of sophisticated design and practicality. Each tray is meticulously crafted from high-quality crystal, which not only lends it a premium look but also ensures robustness for long-term use. The scalloped edges are not just a design statement; they provide an easy grip, enhancing its functionality. Whether it's for serving appetizers at a party or presenting sweets at a wedding, this tray is designed to elevate any culinary experience.

Bulk Savings, Ideal for Events:

With this exclusive pack of 120 trays, event planners, caterers, and businesses can now provide a consistent and high-end experience for guests or clients. The stackable design ensures easy storage while not compromising on the aesthetic appeal. Every occasion becomes a tad more special with the shimmer and shine of our Round Crystal Scalloped Trays. Invest in them, and let each event you organize resonate with luxury and style. Enjoy bulk round crystal scalloped trays at wholesale pricing.


Color: Clear Crystal
Size: 9"

UPC Code: 10081741090106

Item Number: 9165

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