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Salted Margarine USE ITEM D-0320

Salted Margarine USE ITEM D-0320

by Admiration

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Salted margarine is the nondairy alternative to salted butter. For those who prefer nondairy, margarine is the perfect substitute for butter. Margarine also contains less saturated fat than butter, and unlike butter, contains no cholesterol. Salted margarine is available in bulk in a 30 pound box.


Salted margarine is preferable to use when cooking or frying and  is great to use when cooking pasta, spreading on bread and even baking cookies, where the salt content of the margarine is a fine substitute for butter.  since unsalted margarine has a neutral taste and give you more control over what the food tastes like. Check out bulk Admiration salted Margarine at wholesale pricing.


Salted Margarine Bulk Packaging: 30 - 1 lb Boxes


Unit Weight: 1 lb

Item Number: D-0345

Admiration Foods® was created in 1945, inspired by the confidence that our product quality and price would make it an admired brand with consumers. Today, Admiration Foods has lived up to the name and has grown into a diverse and highly valued line of products.

Admiration products were developed to surprise and delight our customers with their performance in the kitchen and taste on the table. Our mayonnaise dressings and sauces for example, possess incredible and unique flavor profiles. The consistency is as good, if not better than any other product in the market.

The value proposition of the Admiration Foods brand is superb quality at a reasonable price has enabled it to prosper for almost 70 years. Admiration Foods has become a staple for our customers. No distributor, restaurant or household should be without it.

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