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5 lb Ammonia Powder - Ammonium Carbonate (Bakers Ammonium)

5 lb Ammonia Powder - Ammonium Carbonate (Bakers Ammonium)

by Keystone Universal

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Ammonium Carbonate is a uniform high purity leavening agent, produced by a chemical reaction of ammonia, carbon dioxide and water. Baker's Ammonia has a very strong scent and because of this is used primarily  used to leaven only low-moisture baked goods like crisp cookies and crackers that thoroughly dry out during baking. Ammonia Carbonate is not used to make cakes because the ammonia gas cannot evaporate when baking cake or other large items. When using Baker's ammonia instead of baking soda to bake crisp cookies, the Baker's ammonia produces a lighter, crunchy texture. Enjoy our bulk Ammonium Carbonate (aka Baker's Ammonia) at wholesale pricing.


Ammonium Carbonate (Bakers Ammonium) Bulk Packaging: 5 lb Pail

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Item Number: D-4639-5LB

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