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Ramsey Medium Rye Flour

Ramsey Medium Rye Flour

by Ardent Mills

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Medium rye flour is an indispensable ingredient when it comes to baking rye-based goods. Notably different from white rye flour, it retains a more significant quantity of bran during processing. This leaves it with a distinctly darker color and an intense, robust flavor that sets it apart.


Rye flour is categorized into three main types, namely light, medium, and dark. These classifications arise from the different amounts of bran retained in each type after the flour has been processed. Bran is the outer layer of the grain and holds most of the grain's nutrients. Therefore, the more bran that is present in the flour, the darker its coloration and the richer its nutritional profile becomes.


The beauty of medium rye flour lies in its balance. It embodies an equilibrium between the light and dark varieties. It boasts more nutrients than light rye flour due to its increased bran content but does not carry as heavy a flavor as the dark rye flour. This makes medium rye flour an excellent choice for many bakers.


Medium rye flour proves to be the perfect choice for baking rye and sourdough bread. The flavor it provides is rich yet not overpowering, allowing for a pleasant balance in the finished product. Additionally, its nutritional profile makes bread baked with medium rye flour a healthier option compared to many other bread types.


Whether you're a professional baker seeking a bulk supply or a home baker searching for a manageable quantity for personal use, our medium rye flour is available to suit your needs. It is guaranteed to deliver a unique taste and texture to your baked goods, enhancing the overall quality and delight of your baking endeavors. So, when you're preparing your next batch of rye or sourdough bread, consider using medium rye flour for a more balanced and wholesome experience. Ardent Mills medium rye flour is available in bulk or home use.


Ramsey Medium Rye Flour Packaging: 50 lb Bag

Ramsey Medium Rye Flour Bulk Pallet: 50 - 50 lb Bags

Shelf Life: The product should be used within three months.

Allergen Information: May Contain Wheat

Applications: It is ideal for Pan and hearth-type rye breads, rye rolls and buns.

Country of Origin:


Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-0580

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