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28" Bottom Only Rectangle Corrugated Box

28" Bottom Only Rectangle Corrugated Box

by Bakers Authority

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For anyone in the baking and catering industry, transporting their creations safely is paramount. The 28 inches Rectangle Corrugated Paperboard Cake Bakery Box is an exemplary choice for such requirements. Crafted from high-quality corrugated cardboard, this rectangular box is not just an ordinary container; it's an assurance of safety for your baked goods. The resilience of the material ensures that your cake remains shielded from external pressures, making dents and damages a concern of the past. The box's structural integrity ensures that whether you're moving the cake across town or just from the kitchen to the display counter, it remains pristine.


Moreover, with a size of 28X18X5 inches, it offers ample space to accommodate a wide variety of cake sizes without constriction. Each bundle contains 50 boxes, ensuring that large orders or consecutive baking schedules won't leave you scrambling for packaging. The single compartment design ensures that each cake gets its protective space, reducing the risk of smudges, smears, or frosting disturbances.


In a field where presentation often matters as much as taste, this bakery box stands out as a dependable ally. For bakers and caterers, it's not just about baking the perfect cake but also ensuring that it reaches its destination in perfect condition. With this corrugated paperboard box, you're not just investing in a container, but a promise of quality and presentation. Enjoy bulk bottom only rectangle corrugated box at wholesale pricing.


Pack: 50pc

Dimensions: 28X18X5 

Material: Corrugated Paperboard

UNSPSC: 52151506  

Item Number: 8317

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