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Butter (Sweet) Bulk 82% PLUGRA 40 LB

Butter (Sweet) Bulk 82% PLUGRA 40 LB

by Plugra

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Experience the pinnacle of richness with our Sweet Butter - 82% PLUGRA in a convenient 40 LB bulk package, at Bakers Authority. Meticulously crafted to perfection, this butter boasts an impressive 82% butterfat content, delivering unparalleled creaminess and a delicate sweetness. Ideal for baking, cooking, or creating delectable pastries, PLUGRA Sweet Butter ensures a velvety texture and enhances the flavor profile of your culinary masterpieces. Bakers Authority brings you the finest quality in every pound, providing an essential ingredient for professional chefs and passionate home bakers alike. Elevate your creations with the exceptional taste of PLUGRA Sweet Butter, where indulgence meets culinary excellence. Enjoy bulk Butter (Sweet) Bulk 82% PLUGRA 40 LB at wholesale pricing.

PLUGRA Sweet Butter in a bulk 40LB package caters to the needs of serious bakers, ensuring an ample supply of premium butter for a range of culinary applications. With its higher butterfat content, this butter promises to transform your recipes into heavenly delights, bringing a luxurious touch to everything from flaky croissants to melt-in-your-mouth cookies. Trust in the excellence of Bakers Authority to deliver the epitome of sweet butter perfection.


Unsalted Margarine Packaging: 40LB

Shelf Life: 6 months

Country of Origin:


Item Number: D-2507

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