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Efco Apricot Jam

Efco Apricot Jam

by Efco


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Efco Apricot Jam is a gourmet product that emphasizes the use of the finest quality fruits and spices to ensure a taste that stands out from the crowd. Made from succulent apricots handpicked at their peak, this jam is a rich blend of fruit and sugar, carefully prepared to preserve the natural aroma and sweetness of the fruit.

The inclusion of spices in the recipe further enhances the flavor profile, providing a complex, multi-layered taste that can transform any dish. Whether you use it as a glaze for a fruit tart, a sweet filling for pies, or a simple spread on warm toast, Efco Apricot Jam is versatile and capable of elevating any culinary experience.


When used as a topping for Danish pastries or other desserts, this apricot jam provides a burst of fruity sweetness that complements the buttery, flaky pastry, creating a balanced, mouth-watering treat. It can also be used to create a delicious glaze for roasted meats or as a unique ingredient in a savory sauce, demonstrating its versatility beyond just desserts. Efco Apricot Jam is use for pies, topping for danish and other desserts.


Efco Apricot Jam is a testament to the beauty of simplicity and quality. It relies on a short list of well-sourced ingredients, each playing a significant role in crafting the final product. The result is a high-quality jam that carries a taste of summer sunshine in every spoonful, perfect for those who appreciate the delectable taste of ripe apricots all year round. Enjoy bulk Efco Apricot Jam at wholesale pricing.

Packaging: 20 lb Pail

Item Number: D-0938


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