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MEC3 Black Cherry with Pieces - 1839A

MEC3 Black Cherry with Pieces - 1839A

by Mec3

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MEC3 Black Cherry with Pieces is a versatile and tantalizing sauce that brings a new depth of flavor to various desserts. It incorporates succulent sour black cherry pieces that add a delightful texture and flavor contrast, making it a perfect ingredient to uplift your culinary creations.


The beauty of this sauce lies in its taste profile – the sour notes of black cherries bring a refreshing tartness that perfectly balances the sweet undertones. The chunks of real fruit within the sauce also offer a pleasurable bite, enriching the overall experience.


When it comes to fruit sorbets, MEC3 Black Cherry with Pieces can be a game-changer. Its vibrant flavor enhances the fresh, fruity essence of sorbets, adding an extra layer of complexity. The contrasting textures of the smooth sorbet and the chunky cherry pieces make every spoonful an exciting adventure for the palate.


For cream-flavored gelato, this black cherry sauce can introduce an element of surprise. The tartness of the cherries can cut through the creaminess of the gelato, offering a balance that keeps the taste buds intrigued. The cherry pieces also add a delightful chewiness that contrasts with the smooth gelato, creating a harmonious blend of textures.


MEC3 Black Cherry with Pieces is also an excellent choice for filling gelato cakes and semifreddi. When used as a filling, it provides a juicy, fruity core that gives a refreshing contrast to the sweet and creamy outside. The burst of tart cherry flavor from the sauce, combined with the luscious, creamy gelato or semifreddo, creates a dining experience that's truly indulgent and satisfying.


MEC3 Black Cherry with Pieces is an incredible addition to any dessert. It can elevate simple dishes to gourmet standards with its beautiful balance of sweet and tart flavors and its delightful texture. Its versatility makes it a must-have ingredient for anyone passionate about creating memorable and delicious dessert experiences.


DOSAGE: 100 g product+ 1Lt water + 300g sugar + 50g Supergelmix
or 65 g + 1 Kg of Fruit Base

We recommend adding 3/5 g of Softin.

Gluten Free


item number D-A234/Mec3-18039A

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