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Pastry Star Neutral Mousse Pie Base 55lbs.

Pastry Star Neutral Mousse Pie Base 55lbs.

by Pastry Star

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The Pastry Star Neutral Mousse Pie Base offers culinary artisans an exceptional foundation to craft delightful and sumptuous desserts. Weighing in at a substantial 55 lbs., this pie base is designed for professional kitchens, bakeries, and dessert manufacturers that prioritize both quality and quantity. The neutral profile of this mousse ensures that it flawlessly integrates into any flavor palette, allowing chefs to experiment and customize according to the unique needs of their recipes.


Crafted with a meticulous blend of high-quality ingredients, this mousse pie base boasts a smooth texture and consistent quality that elevates the overall mouthfeel of the final dessert. It's versatile enough to be used in a variety of pastries, from classic pies to modern desserts, providing a reliable consistency every time. With Pastry Star's commitment to excellence, this Neutral Mousse Pie Base is not just an ingredient, but a promise of a delectable experience with every bite. Whether it's a tangy fruit mousse pie for a summer event or a rich chocolate mousse cake for a special occasion, this base ensures a perfect start for your dessert masterpieces. This product is clean label, vegan and Kosher Dairy. 


Packaging: Case 55lbs.


Allergen Information: None.


Ingredients: Sugar, Food Starch Modified, Salt


Shelf Life: 

Dry, Cool Conditions: 12 Months



Item Number: PS09180

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