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Pastry Star Rolling Fondant 20lbs.

Pastry Star Rolling Fondant 20lbs.

by Pastry Star

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Introducing the Pastry Star Rolling Fondant, the secret behind countless show-stopping cakes and desserts. Weighing in at a substantial 20 lbs., this fondant is not only a generous offering but is also crafted with the discerning baker in mind. It boasts a silky-smooth texture, ensuring an effortless roll-out process every time, making it the perfect canvas for both beginners and seasoned pastry chefs. Whether you're looking to cover a multi-tiered wedding cake or craft intricate designs and embellishments, this fondant promises both versatility and reliability.


Beyond its impressive usability, the Pastry Star Rolling Fondant delivers on flavor, offering a delightful taste that's not overwhelmingly sweet. It complements a myriad of cake bases, fillings, and frostings, ensuring that the visual appeal is equally matched by a mouth-watering experience. The blend of quality ingredients ensures a consistent color and texture, allowing your creations to stand tall and proud for hours. With this fondant in your baking arsenal, transforming ordinary cakes into extraordinary masterpieces becomes a joyous endeavor. Say goodbye to cracking, tearing, and undesired elephant skin appearances, and usher in the era of flawless finishes with Pastry Star. Enjoy bulk rolling fondant at wholesale pricing. This product is clean label, vegan and Kosher Dairy. 


Packaging: Pail 20lbs.


Allergen Information: None.




Shelf Life: 


Cool & Dry Conditions: 4 months 


Item Number: PS00394

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