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Whip Deelite Fluid Vanilla

Whip Deelite Fluid Vanilla

by Hanan

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Whip Deelite fluid vanilla is a frozen, concentrated, non-dairy, vanilla flavored whipped topping. Whip Deelite fluid vanilla has many uses and can be used as a whipped base for whipped cream, parfaits, and bavarians. Whip Deelite fluid vanilla can be made almost instantly without the need for additional ingredients. Whip Deelite fluid vanilla is a non-dairy alternative to dairy whipped cream and is also ideal for serving with pie, coffee, or hot chocolate. Try our bulk Whip Deelite fluid vanilla at wholesale prices.  Whip Deelite fluid vanilla is available in bulk in a dozen 2 lb boxes.


Whip Deelite Fluid Vanilla Bulk Case: 12 - 2 lb Boxes


Shelf Life: Frozen: 18 months, Refrigerated unopened: 14 days, Refrigerated Opened: 5 days

Allergen Information: None

UPC Code: 186139000019

Applications: For topping, fruit salad, ice cream, pudding, cakes

Preparation Instructions: Thaw under refrigeration. Whip in a rotary mixer with a wire whip on medium speed until soft peaks form.

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Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-2667

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