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White Rye Flour 5 LB

White Rye Flour 5 LB

by Bakers Authority


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White white flour, also called light rye, is the lightest type of rye flour. Our premium-quality white rye flour milled from rye has the bran and germ removed, delivering rye flavor with a light color. Since white rye flour is without the heavy bran and germ, white rye flour is perfect for creating light, airy loaves, as opposed to heavy rye breads. Our bulk white rye flour is ideal for those who want to create a light, airy, rye bread with just a subtle rye flavor, instead of an overwhelming powerful rye taste.


 Our white white flour is milled from cleaned, sound, scoured rye, it's ideal for: Pan and hearth-type rye breads, rye rolls and buns, and as a dusting flour. Check out our white rye flour, available in bulk or home use today.

White Rye Flour Bulk Packaging: 5 lb Bag

Shelf Life: 180 days at recommended storage conditions

Allergen Information: May Contain Wheat

UPC Code: 049100912691

Applications: It is ideal for: Baked goods, hot and RTE cereals and wheat germ as a stand-alone product (stand-alone germ may require stabilization for packaging)

Country of Origin: USA

Item Number: D-0578

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