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8x8 Square 1/4" White Foldover  - 24 Pieces
8x8 Square 1/4" White Foldover  - 24 Pieces

8x8 Square 1/4" White Foldover - 24 Pieces

by Enjay

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These 8x8-inch square foldovers, with a 1/4-inch thickness, are elegantly crafted in a pristine white finish, making them an ideal choice for presenting and transporting professional-grade cakes and desserts. Made from a sturdy and visually appealing white material, they not only enhance the overall appearance of your creations but also provide added stability. Each pack contains 24 pieces, which are simple to assemble, ensuring your desserts always have a sophisticated and polished presentation. Perfect for both amateur bakers and seasoned professionals, these foldovers are a must-have for anyone keen on delivering desserts with style and grace.


The design of these white foldovers strikes a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Their uniform size ensures consistency, making it easy to stack or arrange multiple cakes and desserts for display or delivery. Furthermore, the crisp white color serves as a neutral backdrop, allowing the vibrant colors and intricate designs of your confections to truly stand out. This can be particularly beneficial for showcasing special occasion desserts or when taking photographs for a portfolio or social media.


In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these 8x8-inch foldovers are also designed with convenience in mind. The easy assembly means that even in a busy kitchen or bakery environment, packaging up a dessert won't add unnecessary time or stress to the process. Moreover, their durable construction ensures that your creations remain intact and presentable, even during transit. Whether you're transporting a single cake to a client's home or multiple desserts to a large event, you can trust these foldovers to uphold both the integrity and beauty of your culinary masterpieces.

Case Pack: 24 Pc

Dimensions: 8x8

Thickness: 1/4"

Item Code: D-9294

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