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10" Deep 1.125" Pie Pan (500 Pack)

10" Deep 1.125" Pie Pan (500 Pack)

by Pactiv Corporation

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Extra Deep Pie Pan 8" x 1.2" Perfect for all your pies! You can bake and present in this functional and attractive pan. Good from freezer to oven. Extra Deep Pie Pan 8" x 1.2" (500cs) is a high-quality baking pan ideal for creating delectable pies and tarts. This pan will help you produce stunning, deep-dish pies, whether you're a professional baker or a home chef. With its extra-deep form, this pie pan is ideal for preparing filling-filled deep-dish pies. It's 8 inches in diameter and 1.2 inches deep, so it'll hold lots of your favorite pie recipes.


Constructed from durable materials, this Extra Deep Pie Pan ensures even heat distribution, which is crucial for achieving that perfectly browned crust. Its sturdy build reduces the risk of warping, ensuring that your pies maintain their shape throughout the baking process. The pan's sleek and polished finish not only makes it look attractive on any table setting but also ensures easy release of baked goods without sticking. So, if you're aiming for pies with a crisp crust and juicy filling, this pan is the tool you need.


The convenience doesn't stop after baking. Cleanup is a breeze with this pie pan. Its non-stick surface ensures minimal residue, making washing by hand or in a dishwasher quick and hassle-free. Whether you're baking a classic apple pie, a rich chocolate tart, or experimenting with new, innovative recipes, the Extra Deep Pie Pan 8" x 1.2" is a must-have addition to your baking arsenal. Elevate your pie-making game and serve up delightful treats every time! Enjoy bulk pie pans at wholesale pricing.

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Extra Deep

Bulk: 500 Pack

Item Number: D-8274

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