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12 Piece Fluted Round Cutter Set

12 Piece Fluted Round Cutter Set

by Ateco

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With this Ateco 5407 12-piece round fluted cutter set, you can simply produce unusual and attractive round pastries, hors d'oeuvres, and more. This set is made of durable stainless steel and has cutters that will not bend out of shape with frequent usage. Each cutter is 1 1/4 inch long "in height and has a rounded top edge, enabling you to hold and handle the cutter securely and comfortably during operation.

With widths ranging from 3/4" to 4 3/8", this set is excellent for a range of unusual applications. The smallest cutter is ideal for making fondant cake decorations, while the biggest cutter may create elegant, slightly scalloped finger snacks. The set nests beautifully for easy storage in the supplied circular container. You may use them alone or utilize the nested pattern to create lovely borders by combining two cuts.

For more than 100 years, Ateco, an August Thomsen brand, has been known in the industry for manufacturing high-quality baking equipment of excellent workmanship and design. Ateco is committed to providing professional bakers with the kitchen basics they need to flourish in a constantly evolving market by continuously improving their equipment, materials, and packaging.

Set includes:

12 round fluted cutters ranging in width from 3/4" to 4 3/8"

Overall Dimensions:

Height: 1 1/4" Width: 3/4" - 4 3/8" "

UPC Code: 014963054079

Item Number: AT-5407

August Thomsen Corp. has carefully refined our Ateco brand of cake decorating and baking tools, assuring that they offer the highest level of quality, functionality and relevance to today's demanding decorators.

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