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14X10X6 1 PC White Non-Window Bakery Cake Boxes - 50 PC

14X10X6 1 PC White Non-Window Bakery Cake Boxes - 50 PC

by Bakers Authority

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Our White Non-Window Bakery boxes stand as a testament to both functionality and aesthetics. Made from high-quality clay-coated kraft board, these boxes present a pristine white facade, giving a professional and polished look to any baked good contained within. The contrasting natural brown interior lends a rustic touch, ensuring the contents remain the focal point.


The design is thoughtfully executed, prioritizing ease of use. With an integrated tuck-in lid, each box provides security and protection to its contents, whether it's a moist chocolate cake or delicate pastries. This feature ensures that your baked goods remain fresh and intact during transportation or display.


What's even more beneficial are the lock corners. If you've ever struggled with assembling boxes, these will be a revelation. They not only make the assembly process swift and straightforward but also ensure that the box maintains its structure, offering optimum support to its contents.


For businesses, branding is crucial. Recognizing this, our boxes come with an added advantage: the clay-coated exterior is customizable. Whether you wish to imprint your bakery's emblem, a catchy tagline, or simply the name of your establishment, these boxes offer the perfect canvas to enhance brand recall and visibility.


However, beyond their aesthetic and functional attributes, these boxes champion an essential cause – sustainability. In a world increasingly conscious about environmental impact, the choice of packaging materials can make a significant difference. Our bakery boxes are crafted from paperboard, a material distinctly more rigid and durable than conventional paper. This ensures that the boxes withstand weight and don't easily tear or get punctured. Moreover, in our commitment to the environment, these boxes have been designed to be eco-friendly.


Our White Non-Window Bakery boxes are more than just packaging; they are a blend of design, functionality, branding, and environmental consciousness. Perfect for any bakery, cafe, or individual with a penchant for baking. Enjoy bulk cake boxes at wholesale pricing.


Count: 50 PC

Item Number: D-8402S

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