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16x16 Square 1/4" Gold Foldover  - 24 Pieces

16x16 Square 1/4" Gold Foldover - 24 Pieces

by Enjay

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Elevate your presentation game with 16x16 Square 1/4" Gold Foldover set. Designed with meticulous precision and crafted with top-notch quality, each piece in this 24-piece set exudes a rich golden hue, capturing the essence of luxury and elegance. Whether you're looking to present an important document, create a memorable invitation, or simply add a touch of sophistication to your craft projects, this gold foldover is sure to leave an impression.


The size of 16x16 inches ensures that it's versatile for a multitude of applications, and with a sturdy 1/4" thickness, you're guaranteed both durability and a substantial feel. Each foldover boasts clean-cut edges that radiate a professional finish, ensuring every project stands out in grandeur. Packaged in sets of 24, these foldovers are not only ideal for personal use but are also perfect for bulk needs. From artists to event planners, the allure of the gold finish is sure to captivate and enchant every audience. Upgrade to a world of golden possibilities with this must-have accessory! Enjoy bulk gold foldovers at wholesale pricing.


Case Pack: 24 pc

Dimensions: 16x16

Thickness: 1/4"

Item Code: D-9971

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