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24 PLY Cotton Twine Cone 2 LB 1/Each

24 PLY Cotton Twine Cone 2 LB 1/Each

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Elevate your craft, packaging, and gardening projects with premium 24 PLY Cotton Twine Cone. Weighing in at a generous 2 pounds, this twine is not only robust but also versatile. Sourced from 100% natural cotton, its soft texture ensures minimal abrasion, making it safe for all uses including bundling, tying, or even creating handmade crafts. The neutral cotton hue seamlessly integrates with any project design, presenting an organic yet professional look.


Berwick cotton twine cone stands out for its strength and durability. The 24 PLY construction means that it's woven from multiple strands, offering superior holding power compared to conventional twines. Whether you're tying up parcels, creating macramé masterpieces, or supporting climbing plants in your garden, this twine is sure to impress with its resilience. The easy-to-use cone design allows for smooth, tangle-free unwinding, ensuring that your projects progress without a hitch. Invest in the best; 24 PLY Cotton Twine Cone is your reliable partner in creation and utility. Enjoy bulk cotton twine cones at wholesale pricing.


Packaging: Cone

PLY Count: 24

Material: Cotton

Color: white

Country of Origin:


Item Number: D-8401

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