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28" Kraft Rectangle Corrugated Top Box

28" Kraft Rectangle Corrugated Top Box

by Bakers Authority

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The 28 inches Kraft Rectangle Corrugated Paperboard 1 Compartment Cake Bakery Box Top 28X18X2.5 inches 50/Bundle is an indispensable asset for anyone in the bakery industry. With cakes being such delicate and intricately decorated items, the right packaging is crucial to ensure they reach their destination in perfect condition. This box has been specifically designed to provide optimal protection for your baked goods.


Constructed from premium corrugated cardboard, the box boasts a durable structure that resists bending or collapsing under weight. Its sturdiness is further complemented by its spacious design, accommodating cakes of various sizes with ease. The single compartment feature ensures that the cake remains steady and free from potential damage, eliminating the chances of it sliding around during transportation.


In the bustling world of baking and catering, professionals know the importance of reliability. This rectangular box is not just functional but also exudes a clean and professional appearance, reflecting the quality of the product within. Whether you're a seasoned baker or a caterer looking to make an impression, this bakery box ensures your cake is presented and delivered in impeccable style. Enjoy bulk Kraft Rectangle Corrugated Top Box at wholesale pricing.


Pack: 50pc

Dimensions: 28X18X5 - Top

Material: Corrugated Paperboard

Item Number: 8433

Bottom Box - 8433

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