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3 Leaf Cutters - 1953

3 Leaf Cutters - 1953

by Ateco

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Our set of "3 Leaf Cutters - 1953" allows you to easily create intricately detailed, gorgeous leaf-shaped decorations that add a touch of nature to your culinary creations. This set is perfect for personal and professional bakers looking to elevate their designs.


These versatile tools aren't just for cutting. Each cutter is designed with embossing features that imprint realistic leaf vein patterns onto your sugar paste, marzipan, or fondant. After cutting and embossing, use the cutter to press out the finished piece without the need for additional tools or handling, ensuring your decorations maintain their delicate details.


Every cutter in this set of three is made from food-grade plastic, ensuring safe use. They are easy to clean and are designed to withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen environment.


The "3 Leaf Cutters - 1953" are not only excellent for decorating cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, but they're also great for craft projects involving clay or other moldable materials. No matter how you choose to use these cutters, they're sure to help you create stunning, professional-quality designs.



  1. Set of 3 leaf cutters in different sizes, allowing for a variety of leaf shapes and sizes in your designs.
  2. Cut, emboss, and press out designs all with one tool.
  3. Made of durable, food-grade plastic.
  4. Ideal for use with sugar paste, marzipan, and fondant.
  5. Easy to clean after use.
  6. Can also be used for craft projects with clay and other moldable materials.


With our "3 Leaf Cutters - 1953", you'll have the tools you need to create beautifully detailed, realistic leaf decorations for all your baking and crafting needs. Enjoy bulk 3 Leaf Cutters at wholesale pricing.

Item Number: D-S800 / AT-1953

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