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5LB Almond Meal - Natural With Skin

5LB Almond Meal - Natural With Skin

by Bakers Authority

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The main difference between almond meal and almond flour is that almond flour is blanched and has the skin removed, whereas almond meal is unblanched and has the skin remaining. Almond flour and almond meal can often be used interchangeably when making baked goods, like bread and cookies (whereas when baking a cake, almond flour is preferred because of its lighter texture). Almond meal is also a good gluten free alternative to regular flours. The next time you are interested in baking muffins, cookies, or bread try using our bulk almond meal at wholesale pricing.


Almond Meal Bulk Packaging: 5 lb Box

5LB Bag: Repackaged from the larger box in our facility

Shelf Life: 18 months for natural and blanched products 4 months for non-vacuum packed dry roasted meal

Allergen Information: Almonds may cause allergic reaction for some individuals.

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Item Number: D-2392

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