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5LB Corn Syrup Solids - 42 DE (Coarse)

5LB Corn Syrup Solids - 42 DE (Coarse)

by Bakers Authority

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Derived most commonly from corn starch, maltodextrin, and corn syrup solids serve as highly useful tools in food and beverage formulation. They can give pretzels their shine, replace the rich mouthfeel of fats in light dressings, and keep frozen desserts from melting too quickly. Our selection of corn syrup solids is available in bulk, wholesale, or home use.


Maltodextrin and corn syrup solids are produced from high-quality corn starch, which is enzymatically converted to decrease its chain length, resulting in a relatively non-sweet clarified syrup, which is dried into the powder or put into an aqueous solution adding function to foods and beverages:


  • Bulking and anti-caking agents for high-intensity sweeteners, spices, and flavors help control viscosity, adding body and mouthfeel to finished products
  • Create a coating for surface sheen or as a moisture barrier
  • Provides adhesion and humectancy to confections and snack products
  • Stabilize ingredients to help extend shelf-life


Corn Syrup Solids Packaging: 5 lb Bag

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Item Number: D-4782

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