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5LB Fine Yellow Cornmeal

5LB Fine Yellow Cornmeal

by Bakers Authority

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Fine yellow cornmeal is a dry milled meal made from degermed yellow corn with no chemical additives. Fine yellow cornmeal is used to make polenta and cornbread. There are different types of cornmeal, from fine to medium to coarse. Cornmeal is made from dried field corn. Fine yellow cornmeal is preferable to coarse yellow cornmeal if you are making something that requires a softer texture. Fine yellow cornmeal is perfect to make grits, polenta, and cornbread. For those looking to buy fine yellow cornmeal, enjoy our bulk fine yellow cornmeal at wholesale pricing.


Packaging: Bag

5LB Bag: Repackaged from the larger bag in our facility

Allergen Information: Product does not contain major food allergens other than trace amounts of wheat and soy that may be present as a result of cross-contact.

Country of Origin:

Oil may originate from USA or Canada. Other ingredients are from USA

Item Number: D-0501

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