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5LB  Oat Flour

5LB Oat Flour

by Bakers Authority

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Our oat flour is created by grinding kilned groats while retaining the bran layers fully intact. Whole oat flour is an excellent whole grain source for use in many baking applications, such as muffins, cakes, pancakes, and more. Check out our whole oat flour, available in bulk or wholesale today.

Our gluten free oat flour is an ideal ingredient when you're looking to add flavor, nutrition, and viscosity to a wide range of end products. Oat flour can be used as a preservative for ice cream and other dairy products, as a thickener for soups, gravies, and stews, and to add nutrition to breads, muffins, crackers, beverages, and desserts. Our oat flour is available in bulk for bakeries or for individuals looking to buy whole oat flour for their baking needs.  


Product Description: Welcome to the wholesome world of Baker's Authority Oat Flour – a superlative blend of finely ground oats, perfect for a healthy and versatile baking alternative. Celebrated for its rich nutritional profile and natural sweetness, our Oat Flour is a beacon for the health-conscious baker. In this comprehensive guide, we spotlight the journey of our Oat Flour, from the golden fields to your pantry, accentuating its exceptional benefits, baking prowess, and the delightful taste it brings to the table.


Oat Flour: The Quintessence of Wholesome Baking


At the essence of our Oat Flour is its inherent purity and health benefits. A fiber-rich powerhouse, it endows your baked goods with a heart-friendly profile, inviting a touch of earthiness and moist, dense textures to your favorite recipes.


Multi-Dimensional and Nutritious: The Baker's Versatile Companion


Baker's Authority Oat Flour excels in:

Health-Focused Baking: Create nutrient-packed bread, muffins, and cookies with a lower glycemic index.

Gluten-Free Creations: An excellent alternative for those avoiding gluten (make sure to check for cross-contamination if you're sensitive to gluten traces).

Thickening Agent: Its thickening properties are ideal for soups, sauces, and as a base for a range of dishes.


Origins and Features: Harvested Wholesomeness


Sourced from selected organic oat fields, our flour is ground from the finest oats known for their superior quality and nutritional value, ensuring each grain contributes to a flour that's robust in health benefits and versatility.


Comparison with Wheat Flour: A Healthful Twist on Traditional Baking


Oat Flour stands out with its unique attributes:

Nutritional Spectrum: High in protein, soluble fiber, and healthy fats, unlike traditional wheat flour.

Flavor Profile: Offers a naturally sweet and nutty flavor, reducing the need for added sugars.

Digestive Wellness: Contains beta-glucans known for supporting digestive health.


Storage and Packaging: Keeping it Fresh


Packaged to seal in its freshness, our Oat Flour is available in different size options to suit all baking scales. To maintain its quality, store in a cool, dry place, and keep it well-sealed after every use.


Baking with Oat Flour: Tips for Optimal Results

Moisture Balance: Oat Flour can absorb more liquid, so you may need to increase the liquid ingredients in your recipes.

Flavor Pairings: Complements fruits, nuts, and spices well, making it perfect for flavor-rich baked goods.

Gluten Consideration: When using it as a gluten-free option, ensure all other recipe ingredients are also gluten-free.


Quality Assurance: The Baker's Authority Commitment


Our commitment to quality ensures that the Oat Flour you get is nothing but the best. We pride ourselves on offering a product that delivers in taste, texture, and nutrition.


Elevate Your Baking with Oat Flour


Our Oat Flour isn't just a baking ingredient; it's a healthful step towards gourmet goodness. Transform your baking with the full-bodied flavor and wholesome benefits of our premium Oat Flour – for bakes that are as nourishing as they are delicious.


Baker's Authority Oat Flour FAQ:


What is Oat Flour? 


Oat Flour is made by grinding whole oats into a fine powder. It is a nutritious alternative to traditional flours, loaded with protein, fiber, and vitamins.


How does Oat Flour compare to regular flour? 


It's richer in nutrients and has a naturally sweet, nutty flavor. Oat Flour also has a different texture, making baked goods more moist and dense.


Can Oat Flour be used in gluten-free baking?


Yes, Oat Flour is naturally gluten-free but check for cross-contamination if you're sensitive. Use it in recipes designed for gluten-free baking to ensure proper structure and rise.


How should Oat Flour be stored?


Keep it in a cool, dry place, sealed tightly. For prolonged storage, keeping it in the refrigerator or freezer extends its shelf life.


Is Oat Flour suitable for all baking recipes? 


Oat Flour can replace wheat flour in most recipes but may require recipe adjustments for liquid and leavening agents due to its unique absorption and weight.


Can Oat Flour help in weight management?


Its high fiber content can aid in satiety and support weight management efforts when incorporated into a balanced diet.


Incorporate Baker's Authority Oat Flour into your baking repertoire and enjoy the pleasure of taste and health in every slice. Let your culinary artistry flourish with the pure, hearty goodness of oats.



Oat Flour Bulk Packaging: 5 lb Bag


5LB Bag: Repackaged from the larger bag in our facility


Shelf Life: Six months if stored in a cool, dry area. Shelf life may be extended to twelve months by storing the product under conditions of low relative humidity (<75% RH) and low temperatures (<75° F).

Country of Origin:


Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-0621-5LB


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