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5LB Soy Flour

5LB Soy Flour

by Cargill

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Soy Flour is 100% whole bean flour milled from raw soy beans. It contains all the nutritious fiber and oils and has a rich, nutty flavor. Soy flour is a good substitute for up to 30% of the all purpose flour in your recipes, and is great for using to make baked goods. Try our soy flour, available in bulk or home use.


Used in multiple applications to create functional attributes, Cargills soy flour is produced from high-quality beans which are further processed into a variety of soy products, including flour, flakes, and grits. Cargill is a soy flour supplier to the food industry. In bakery applications, for example, soy flour helps create a better crumb structure, improves dough machinability (making the dough more elastic), increases water absorption and retention and replaces eggs. In addition, due to its film-forming properties, Cargill soy flour can significantly increase the shelf-life stability of baked products preventing fat migration and water uptake. At 50% protein, soy flour is a great flour for baking. If you are interested in buying soy flour, then check out our selection of Cargill Soy Flour, available in bulk or home use.

Food grade soy flour prepared from clean, whole soybeans, which soybeans, which have been dehulled, solvent extracted, desolvenized, lightly heat-treated, and ground.

Soy Flour Bulk Packaging: 5 lb Bag

Shelf Life: 24 months from date of manufacture

Applications: This product is Not Ready to Eat or suitable for use in Ready to Eat Applications.

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Item Number: D-0647-5LB

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