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8 X 8 X 3Pink Non-Window Bakery Boxes - 250 PC

by Bakers Authority

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Crafted from pink clay-coated news board (CCNB) made entirely of recycled paper, our Pink Non-Window Bakery Boxes are eco-friendly and stylish. Every box, designed as a single entity, features a built-in tuck-in lid, making it suitable for housing and transporting a range of baked items. With the advantage of lock corners, these boxes are easy to assemble and can be flattened effortlessly for storage or shipment. The clay-coated outer layer offers an ideal surface for bespoke printing, allowing businesses to showcase their logo or name. Notably, the sturdy paperboard composition outperforms standard paper in rigidity and can either be composted or recycled post-use.


Count: 250 PC

Item Number: D-9504

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