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Fine Yellow Cornmeal
Fine Yellow Cornmeal
Fine Yellow Cornmeal
Fine Yellow Cornmeal

Fine Yellow Cornmeal

by Agricor

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A dry milled meal made from degermed yellow corn with no chemical additives.

Packaging: Bag

Allergen Information: Agricor's products do not contain major food allergens other than trace amounts of wheat and soy that may be present as a result of cross-contact.

Country of Origin:

Oil may originate from USA or Canada. Other ingredients are from USA

Item Number: D-0500-50LB

Agricor is a small, privately held company that produces dry milled corn products in Marion, IN. We built our mill in 1983 and have added facilities multiple times since then. We buy yellow and white corn from local farmers and elevators and mill the corn into both conventional and non-GMO degerminated corn grits, cornmeal, corn flour and corn bran. We also produce whole grain cornmeal and whole grain corn flour. We sell these prime products as ingredients for food and industrial products. Most of our product is shipped to the Eastern United States and Canada, but we ship to several overseas destinations as well. We sell our product in bulk, totes and bags. We can ship product in hopper cars, boxcars, dry vans and containers. We also mill certified organic corn into organic corn grits, cornmeal, corn flour and corn bran for our parent company Grain Millers Inc. We are strong in the areas of sanitation and food safety and are third party certified by BRC.Products Include: Non-GMO Corn Grits, Cornmeal, Corn Flour, Corn Bran