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Flake-Mor Vegetable Shortening

Flake-Mor Vegetable Shortening

by Allfresh

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Flake Mor is made of the finest domestic vegetable oils. Crystallized on a chilled roll and well-tempered before packaging to give superior workability. Flake Mor is Trans-Fat Free. Vegetable shortening is often used in place of butter in baking or for greasing pans. It is made by hydrogenating (adding hydrogen to) vegetable oil, such as soybean or cottonseed oil. Check out our vegetable shortening, available in bulk or wholesale.


Our vegetable shortening is a great nondairy alternative to using butter. Using vegetable shortening in place of butter allows for a softer, flakier and more tender pastry. For those who want to cook making desserts more flaky and soft, check our our vegetable shortening, available in bulk or wholesale.


Vegetable Shortening Packaging: Case (6 - 5 lb Bars)

Country of Origin: USA

Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-0281-CASE

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