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Glace Whole Mixed Candied Fruit 10KG

Glace Whole Mixed Candied Fruit 10KG


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Candied fruit is made by taking fruit and placing it with headed sugar glucose syrup, which absorbs the moisture from within the fruit and preserves it, allowing the fruit to have a shelf life for around a year. Our mixed candied fruit is obtained through a system of candied "slow", using selected, ripe fruits free from stains and imperfections (some fruits contain seeds / kernels). Candying is performed with the use of glucose syrup and sugar. Check out our mixed candied fruit, available in bulk or home use.


Our whole mixed candied fruit is perfect as a nice decoration and to use for baking, adding to fruitcakes, pancakes, cakes, and more. Candied fruit adds a nice sophistication to one's baked goods, and is perfect to have for a nice, catered celebration. Our bulk whole mixed candied fruit is available for baking and ideal for making fruitcakes, so check out our whole mixed candied fruit today. 


mixed fruit Pears, figs, apricots, clementine, oranges and peaches

Packaging: 22 lb Box

Shelf Life: 18 months

Allergen Information: Contains Allergen: Sulfites

Applications: This product is intended for industrial / professional. It is used as a decoration and / or as an ingredient for cakes, ice cream, bakery products and leavened.

Yoghurt, Ice cream, Pastry

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Item Number: D-3095

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