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Frozen Egg Whites

Frozen Egg Whites


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Frozen egg whites are a type of food product made from eggs that have been frozen for storage. They are commonly used in recipes that call for whipped egg whites, such as meringues and angel food cake. Frozen egg whites can be thawed and used in any recipe that calls for raw egg whites.

One classic recipe is angel food cake, which is made purely from whipped egg whites, sugar, and flour. Other popular recipes include meringue cookies, marshmallows (which also use egg whites), and pavlova (an Australian dessert made from whipped egg whites, sugar, and fruit).

If you want to get a little more creative, you can also use frozen egg whites to make cocktails like the Pisco Sour or the Ramos Gin Fizz. And if you're feeling really ambitious, you can even try your hand at making homemade marshmallows or ice cream! whatever you choose to make with your frozen egg whites, they'll be sure to add a little something extra to your dish.

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