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Annie's Individual Chocolate Marquise Cake 24/5.25 OZ
Annie's Individual Chocolate Marquise Cake 24/5.25 OZ

Annie's Individual Chocolate Marquise Cake 24/5.25 OZ

by Davids Cookies

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Indulge in a luxurious chocolate experience with our irresistibly rich dark chocolate mousse. Each bite is a symphony of flavors, crowned with a meticulously handcrafted chocolate ganache and sprinkled with shimmering edible gold luster. Every mousse is a testament to our commitment to quality and the art of dessert-making. Delightfully packaged in two trays containing 12 servings each, you'll find 24 portions of pure chocolate heaven awaiting your indulgence.


Elevate your dessert game with Annie’s Individual Chocolate Marquise Cake. Crafted for those with a discerning palate, this cake delivers an exquisite sweet treat that captivates the essence of premium chocolate. Made with genuine cocoa, its deep and rich flavor profiles will ensnare the senses of any chocolate aficionado. At a generous 5.25 OZ per piece, and with a total of 24 individual cakes, it's the perfect dessert to share or savor alone. Make every occasion memorable with this delicious masterpiece. Enjoy bulk Annie's Individual Chocolate Marquise Cake at wholesale pricing.


Quantity: 24/Case


Made in: America.

Package Size: 4 shrink-wrapped 6-pack trays per case / 4 oz. 

Shelf Life 6 Months Frozen / 3-5 Days Refrigerated

Allergen Information: Some of our products may contain nuts. Our facility is NOT a nut-free facility, and as a result it is possible that any product may have come in contact with nut or nut oils.


To Serve: While Frozen remove plastic collar from each dessert. Plate & thaw product overnight in fridge or thaw frozen dessert for 1 hour at ambient temperature. *Mousse based desserts will thaw more quickly than cake-based desserts.

Item Number: D-4692



Thanks to his passion for cookies and baked goods, David Liederman, a classically trained French chef working in New York, started the first David's Cookies store in Manhattan in 1979. With a desire to sell premium quality fresh baked cookies, David's Cookies developed the ultimate Chocolate Chunk cookie. As the company grew and more stores opened, business thrived into the late 1980s. Today, the David's Cookie brand has expanded to serve the foodservice industry with gourmet flavors of frozen cookie dough, brownies, crumb cakes, muffins, batters, and cheesecakes. A diverse line of dessert offerings, including gluten-free products, has allowed David's Cookies to stand out among the best in the industry with the versatility to serve all divisions from schools to upscale restaurants.

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