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Aroma Panettone

Aroma Panettone

by Bakers Authority

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The traditional panettone has an unusual flavor that requires these essential oils in order to have an authentic taste. When used in the dough alongside good quality candied peel the result will have a powerful sweet citrus flavour and fragrance.

Aroma Panettone is made only from high quality Italian fruits and contains no bulking agents, and consequently is very strong and only needs to be used sparingly.

About 95 kgs of citrus peels were used to fill this 16 oz bottle of essential oil. The peels are cold pressed and the resultant liquid is then centrifuged to separate the essential oils and juice. There is about 16 ozs of essential oil and 280 liters of concentrate which then goes to be used in other foods such as soft drinks. Enjoy bulk Aroma Panettone at wholesale pricing.


Aroma Panettone Bulk Packaging: 16 fl oz Bottle

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Item Number: D-22061

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