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Ateco 808 Decorating Tube

Ateco 808 Decorating Tube

by Ateco

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The Ateco 808 is a model number signifying a specific style of decorating tube tip from the globally-recognized brand, Ateco. Known for their broad range of baking and pastry tools, Ateco has become a popular choice for both home bakers and professional chefs due to their commitment to quality and precision in design.


The #808 decorating tube tip, in particular, is a versatile tool primarily used for cake and pastry decoration. This product is an essential addition to any baking kit, enabling the user to create beautiful designs on cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more with ease and precision.


One of the key features of the Ateco 808 decorating tube tip is its material. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this product boasts longevity and a resistance to rusting and discoloration. Its silver color not only gives it an elegant appearance but also highlights its sanitary properties, as it is easy to clean, and does not harbor bacteria.


Size is another significant aspect of this decorating tube tip. With a width of 11/16", it can create a range of designs, from simple lines to more elaborate decorations. This medium-sized opening is suitable for most baking decoration purposes, whether you're piping large swirls of frosting on cupcakes or crafting intricate flower designs on a tiered wedding cake.


The Ateco 808 decorating tube tip is a high-quality tool designed with an emphasis on durability, hygiene, and precision. Its stainless steel construction and well-thought-out size make it an excellent choice for any baking enthusiast or professional pastry chef. Enjoy bulk Ateco 808 Decorating Tube at wholesale pricing.


Item Number: D-S1006/AT-808

August Thomsen Corp. has carefully refined our Ateco brand of cake decorating and baking tools, assuring that they offer the highest level of quality, functionality, and relevance to today's demanding decorators.

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