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Ateco Decorating Comb AT-1447

Ateco Decorating Comb AT-1447

by Ateco

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The Ateco 1447 decorating comb, also known as a cake scraper or icing smoother, is an essential tool in the toolbox of both professional and amateur bakers. This implement is primarily used to create intricate designs on the sides or tops of cakes, contributing to their aesthetic appeal and enhancing their overall presentation.


Constructed from durable materials, the Ateco 1447 decorating comb is designed with longevity and practicality in mind. It features several sides, each with different spacing between the teeth or different patterns. This multi-faceted approach allows bakers to create a variety of textures and designs, depending on the desired effect. From straight, ridged lines to more complex patterns, this decorating comb can help bring a cake decorator's vision to life.


Another key function of the Ateco 1447 decorating comb is its use in preparing cakes for further decoration. Before adding detailed frosting work or fondant shapes, a cake must have a smooth and even icing surface. This tool can be utilized to achieve a level and uniform layer of icing, creating the perfect canvas for more intricate decorations.


It's also worth mentioning that the Ateco 1447 is easy to clean, which is crucial in maintaining food safety standards and preventing the transfer of colors or flavors between different cake projects. Whether it's used in a professional kitchen or a home baking setup, this decorating comb proves invaluable for its versatility, durability, and overall utility in cake decoration.


In essence, the Ateco 1447 decorating comb is more than just a tool for creating designs on a cake; it is a key instrument for achieving a high level of precision, beauty, and artistry in cake decorating. Its multiple uses, from smoothing icing to creating varied designs, make it a staple in the process of transforming a simple baked good into a work of edible art.

Made of aluminum.

Made in USA.

Item Number: D-6631/AT-1447

August Thomsen Corp. has carefully refined our Ateco brand of cake decorating and baking tools, assuring that they offer the highest level of quality, functionality, and relevance to today's demanding decorators.

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