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MEC3 Base 50 MB

MEC3 Base 50 MB

by Mec3

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MEC3 Base 50 MB is an exceptional product for those who are committed to creating gelato that is pure, genuine, and packed full of rich, natural flavors. It represents an authentic Fior di latte, a term translating to "flower of milk" from Italian, symbolizing a gelato flavor that is simple yet exquisitely creamy and milky, without any flavor additives or vegetable fats.


With its recipe focusing on simplicity and authenticity, MEC3 Base 50 MB is designed for those who believe in the power of pure ingredients and natural flavors to create superior-quality gelato. It ensures a product free of artificial flavor additives, giving the assurance that your gelato's flavor is solely derived from its original, natural ingredients. This approach ensures the gelato's flavor is true, unadulterated, and not masked by other elements, allowing each ingredient to shine.


Moreover, the absence of vegetable fats in the MEC3 Base 50 MB guarantees that your gelato will not have the unwanted greasy mouthfeel sometimes associated with these fats. It ensures a clean, smooth finish that highlights the creaminess of the milk, leaving a delightful sensation on the palate.


With MEC3 Base 50 MB, you are set to bring out the very best flavors in your gelato, whether that be a classic vanilla, a rich chocolate, or a tangy fruit variety. Its design aims to enhance the main flavor components, making them more pronounced and vibrant. The gelato made with this base will have a genuine, intense flavor that truly celebrates the core ingredient.


It's not only the taste that benefits from this product but also the texture. This base gives your gelato a perfectly smooth, velvety, and indulgent consistency, making each spoonful a luxurious experience. It provides the gelato with the right balance of density and creaminess, striking the ideal equilibrium that every gelato enthusiast seeks.


MEC3 Base 50 MB is an excellent choice for those wishing to create superior gelato that embodies the true spirit of this classic Italian dessert. It offers a way to create gelato that celebrates purity and authenticity, emphasizing the natural flavors and creamy texture that make this dessert a beloved treat worldwide. The result? A gelato that tastes as good as it looks, leaving a lasting impression on those lucky enough to enjoy it. Enjoy bulk MEC3 Base at wholesale pricing.

Packaging: Pouch- 2 kg

Shelf Life: 24 months if kept in original, undamaged packaging.


Allergen Information: May Contain Soybeans, Egg, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Pistachio Nuts.

Preparation Instructions: 50g product + 1L milk + 250g sugar. Hot preparation.

Country of Origin:


Item Number: D-02335


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