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Boiron 757 Rhubarb Purée 1kg DISCONTINUED

Boiron 757 Rhubarb Purée 1kg DISCONTINUED

by Boiron

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Boiron Frozen Rhubarb Puree is a premium product that provides a refreshing, tart and tangy flavor to a variety of culinary creations. The manufacturing process is a testament to the brand's commitment to natural, high-quality ingredients. No artificial colors are used to augment the puree's appearance, which instead features the authentic reddish-pink hue of fresh, ripe rhubarb. Similarly, there are no thickeners included, ensuring that the puree's texture remains true to the fruit's original form, and no preservatives are added, guaranteeing that the product retains its fresh, vibrant taste without the interference of synthetic agents.


The versatility of Boiron Rhubarb Puree allows it to be a delightful addition to a myriad of dishes and drinks. The puree can easily enhance the flavor profiles of both sweet and savory dishes. It's a brilliant addition to sorbet or ice cream, where its tangy profile balances the sweetness of these desserts, giving them a more rounded and complex taste. It can also be used as a vital component in cocktail recipes, offering a unique spin on traditional beverage flavors.


Being a ready-to-use puree, Boiron takes convenience to the next level. This saves consumers valuable time, effort, and the mess that typically comes with peeling, slicing, and pureeing the fruit from scratch. It ensures consistency in taste and texture, offering the same high-quality experience each time it's used.


Boiron's meticulous selection process is key to achieving their top-tier puree. The company only chooses ripe fruit varieties that meet their high standards for quality, taste, and nutritional value. The fruits are harvested by their dedicated producers, ensuring that the puree comes from a reliable and traceable source. The ripe fruits are then carefully blended to achieve a balanced and consistent flavor profile. This rigorous process safeguards that each jar of Boiron Rhubarb Puree that reaches consumers is of the finest quality, offering a pure, fresh, and delicious rhubarb experience.

This purée has been finely sieved and packaged in our Valence plant (France). Our production process guarantees an unvarying sugar content and acidity while maintaining as much as possible the organoleptic properties of fresh fruit. Enjoy bulk Rhubarb Purée at wholesale pricing.

This purée has no preservatives*, artificial colors* or flavors.




 Weight: 2.2 lbs container (1 PC ONLY)

Ingredient (s): Rhubarb 100%


Before unfreeze: -18 Degree Celsius


Item Number: DSO-2782

Defrosting mode and storage after opening:

In order to maintain all the sensory qualities of our product, Les vergers Boiron recommend to defrost the product in its original closed packaging, for information at a temperature between 35°F and 39°F (+2 / +4°C), 24 hours minimum.
If needed you can also defrost the product in its original packaging in bain-marie or at a mild temperature in a micro-wave oven.
In order to obtain a perfectly homogenous product, Les vergers Boiron recommend, to defrost the whole product and mix it.
After defrosting, the product can be stored according to the recommendations of the technical specification at +35/+39°F (+2 / +4°C) in its closed packaging.
Defrosting and storage after defrosting are the users responsibility and must be done in accordance with good hygiene and HACCP practices. DO NOT REFREEZE A DEFROSTED PRODUCT

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