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Boiron Pineapple Puree

Boiron Pineapple Puree

by Les Vergers Boiron

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Boiron Pineapple Puree is made only with 100% real pineapples, this puree has a low viscosity and bitterness, a medium acidity and sweetness, and is high in aromatic fragrance, with an all-around full-bodied taste. This puree is made without preservatives and does not contain added sugars or artificial colors and flavors. In fact, this puree was created to maintain its original characteristics to let its most natural taste, color, and texture shine in your menu items, any time of the year.

The Boiron Pineapple Puree, in all its authenticity, adds a refreshing, tropical touch to your culinary creations. Whether you're whipping up a vibrant pineapple cocktail, enriching a tangy barbecue sauce, or adding a bit of exotic sweetness to a gourmet dessert, this puree infuses your dishes with the taste of summer. The smooth texture and consistent quality of the puree also ensures a seamless blend with other ingredients, providing the perfect balance in each dish.


It's packaged in a practical and compact form, allowing it to be stored with ease in any kitchen. The puree's shelf life makes it an ideal pantry staple, letting you incorporate the taste of fresh pineapples whenever you desire, without worrying about the fruit being in season. It's a testament to Boiron's commitment to offering premium quality, authentic fruit purees that not only taste exceptional but are also convenient and versatile for chefs and bartenders alike. Enjoy bulk Boiron Pineapple Puree at wholesale pricing.




Weight: 2.2 lbs container (1 PC ONLY)


Ingredient (s): 100% Pineapple


Before unfreeze: -18 Degree Celsius


Item Number: D-2791

Defrosting mode and storage after opening:

In order to maintain all the sensory qualities of our product, Les vergers Boiron recommend to defrost the product in its original closed packaging, for information at a temperature between 35°F and 39°F (+2 / +4°C), 24 hours minimum.
If needed you can also defrost the product in its original packaging in bain-marie or at a mild temperature in a micro-wave oven.
In order to obtain a perfectly homogenous product, Les vergers Boiron recommend, to defrost the whole product and mix it.
After defrosting, the product can be stored according to the recommendations of the technical specification at +35/+39°F (+2 / +4°C) in its closed packaging.
Defrosting and storage after defrosting are the users responsibility and must be done in accordance with good hygiene and HACCP practices. DO NOT REFREEZE A DEFROSTED PRODUCT

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